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In English, MAKEUP! Make up for "Trannies" is not the gloop of lippy and slash of eyeshadow, which women use. You will have to develop a high degree of skill to achieve a passable result. Women's faces are different. Fat deposits on their cheeks, above their eyes, on the chin, large eyes, high eyebrows. In a word female! Men have brow ridges, larger jaws, big chins, smaller eyes etc. not to mention bushy eyebrows and of course hair all over! Women retain their childlike features, whilst men grow out of them. This retention of juvenile characteristics, is called "Neotency". Evolutionists believe this is an adaptation so women and their babes will be cared for by society, a theory I might add not embraced by radical feminists. Don't believe me? Can you tell the difference between most male and female mammals? Chimpanzees are all hairy!

I digress, so how do you make your face more feminine? Most women don't have a clue what they are doing when they apply make up. You need to be different. You highlight the features you want and shade ones you don't. A simple statement but it's the secret to looking feminine. Women do this almost by accident, tradition really.

A famous T.V. and performer "Stephan" now sadly departed, began his career by making up in black and white, to learn how to shape his face. I recommend this to you if you're at all serious about making the best of yourself.

A close shave goes with out saying but you would be be surprised the amount of stubbly Trannies I've encountered. Next foundation; I recommend Charles Fox's TV Panstick (means made for television, not Trannies!) comes in various shades, for a start try No. 4 or 5. Foundation is to even out the tones of your skin, no red blotches, veins etc. Apply generously all over inluding over eyebrows and down your chest and around neck to avoid a tide mark.

NEXT FACESHAPING (highlight what you want, shade what you don't).

Apply white eyeshadow to the entire eye area including the centre of the face and down the nose. White also to the very high cheekbones almost to the temples and white to point of chin. Shading now. Apply a dark reddish brown eyeshadow  (how dark you'll have to decide) to the hollow of you cheeks if you're lucky to have them or where they should be. Also along and beside the jaw line; centre of forehead; temples; down under your chin; your cleavage (another topic to come) and under your nose if you're me! And down the sides of your nose. These are general rules. You will have to decide what makes your face the most feminine you can achieve.


The aim here is to make your eyes more prominent. Shade the eyesockets and highlight the lids with colours to compliment your irises and to a lesser extent your outfit. With a soft faily narrow brush draw a dark shade along the crease of your socket concentrating on the outer part. Highlight the edges of lids with a light shade. Draw shadow along the lower lids emphasising the outer area. Eyeliner is optional, (too fiddly more most occasions). Finish by highlighting below eyebrows.


I wear false eyelashes and I think you should too unless you're endowed with "paintbrush" lashes. Eyelashes come in a dazzling variety from "daytime " to outrageous evening extravaganzas. Putting on false lashes requires lots of practise and should not be attempted if you are in a hurry. Trim eyelashes to length and apply glue, wait 20 secs or so and position closely above your own lashes and press lightly, sounds easy but is not, especially if you're blind in one eye like me (self adhesive ones are available now).  Individual false lower lashes are a real fiddle so don't bother. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes. It's good idea to curl your lashes before applying your false ones, curl the false ones too, lash curlers are available widely.


Women generally have higher eyebrows than men and you should try to simulate this appearance. If you can pluck your brows, great. Always from underneath. This opens up the above eye area for more eyeshadow! Draw eyebrows with a stiff brush and dark eyeshadow using short strokes. Try to make the arch as high as you can.


Women have fuller and larger lips in relation the their faces so you must strive for this too. I draw an outline in brown pencil (not neccessarily the final outline) but as a guide and fill in. Darker lipstick on the upper and highlight the centres of lips with gloss or white. This is to simulate fullness. Also darker at corners helps the illusion. Before the final application of lipstick (2 coats are advisable for staying power) cover your whole face, lips and neck down to your cleavage with translucent loose power. press the powder into your face not wiping. Brush excess off gently with a large powder Apply final lipstick and highlight centres blot and add lipgloss.


Only do this after putting on your wig, dress, jewellry etc. This allows you to balance intensity of your make up against the colour and overall effect of your ensemble. Apply blusher to the apples of you cheeks (you'll again have to experiment with colour here) I use "Chestnut" colour mostly. Stand back from mirror and assess your appearance. You can bring up your face with brighter lips, blusher and or eyeshadow or tone things down by blotting lips and more all over powder.

I generally use my fingers to apply my foundation and large shadings as do some top make up artists. your may chose to use a sponge or brush.

Buy the cheapest make up, lets you chop, change and experiment without guilt!


Buy the best you can afford; I but mine from MAC, online.


I've tried most make up removers. I find they all sting and irritate. Nothing beats baby oil. Failing that, cooking oil or butter works well! Always have your own towel, the amount which comes off is amazing.


Don't get stuck in a rut like most women. Keep trying new colours, products, etc. Make up is an art and you'll get better with practise. I look much better than I used too, fending off the effects of age I like to think!


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