Monday, 25 February 2013


Can you wear high heels and not suffer in agony? Well yes, if you follow a few rules.

Don't be tempted to buy cheap shoes, by that I mean shoes not made of leather. Ahh, shame if your a Vegan! I've never been comfortable in man made substitutes and I guess you won't be either. Leather moves, breathes and not least looks beautiful, moulding even, to your size 11s!

Experiment with heel heights of course. Low heels will always be more comfortable but you'll be surprised if you try various makes and styles. Heels which come well under your foot are more supportive and can be worn higher than those set back. Laced shoes are really comfortable, spreading the loads from the heel all over your foot. Toe shapes are critical but even pointed toes will fit you if you buy them big enough. If you can, buy your shoes late in the day when your feet have swelled. Don't believe that "they'll loosen off". If they're uncomfortable in the shop they'll be uncomfortable thereafter. After a few costly mistakes, you'll get to know which manufacturers suit you for size and style, allowing you to buy mail order or online, confident that they'll fit. I favour Prada, Nine West, BBCGirls, L.K.Bennett, Michael Shannon, to name but a few. Next and M&S have larger sizes online rather than in the shops.

Where to buy? Well the best selection is online. I look in the high street (don't be shy, most places don't bat an eye when you ask to try on) then buy them cheaper online or Ebay. Ebay is where I buy these days, from America mostly, where there are masses available, new and second hand, inexpensive including shipping in my size (American 11, 8 1/2 in the UK) and even bigger.

Boots are lovely and I have many pairs, some made to measure (The Little Shoe Box) or taken in on the leg to fit my calves. Ladies have fatter legs, fatter everything actually, that's why they're curvy! I prefer straight leg styles, Russian as they were once called, all about 4" heel height, knee length. Shorter styles don't flatter the thinner leg. Some people wear socks with boots, I don't know if it's to keep their feet warm but buy them snug so your feet don't slide and you'll be more comfortable. Store your boots and shoes on boot jacks or shoe trees to keep them crisp and unwrinkled.

Please don't think you shouldn't wear high heels because you're tall. Think of Princess Diana! Heels are essential to slim and elongate your appearance, apart from making you look elegant and feel great!

Practice makes perfect. The only way to become adept in heels is to wear them and I don't mean on carpet! Get out and about, enjoy the click, click of your steel tips on the pavement, accepting the admiring glances and loving the poise and grace which comes with it.

© Carolyn

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