Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Not just stockings but fully fashioned stockings. That is, stockings knitted flat, cut to shape and then sewn up the back to form the "seam". They are non stretch, therefore flatter the calf when pulled tight.(Good for male legs) Do not confuse them with "seamed" which are knitted whole and have a row of stitching at the back and are made of stretch yarn. Fully fashioned stockings almost disappeared, Aristoc for example, selling it's machinery to GIO, but luckily for the sake of elegance they have had a resurgence.

Fully fashioned stockings come in sizes 9, 10, 10 1/2, 11, etc. not small, medium and large or worse still, one size fits all. Various heel styles are available, Point (my favourite) Cuban, American etc. I am 5' 10" and I find 10 1/2 fits me best. Ladies need slightly larger sizes for the same height due to their curviness, as mentioned fully fashioned don't stretch so to fit wider legs they become shorter. Colours are available which were unobtainable hithertoo; red, white, blue, grey, some with contrast seams, gold thread, etc. (Fully fashioned stockings are dyed after being made), apart from the perenial favourite, black.

I used to wear tights, unseamed and all sorts but now wear exclusively fully fashioned. I came to the conclusion that nothing is more attractive and "right" with the clothes I wear. This decision required some courage. You will receive lots of looks so be prepared. Be prepared to be the centre of attention but no one will be more stylish. I warn you. CONFIDENCE WILL BE REQUIRED!

What to wear with your stockings? Well "retro" fashion of course but as always, inventive dressing always is the way forward so experiment.

Stockings are expensive and fragile so one must be very careful handling, especially when putting on. It is advisable to wear hosiery gloves (most stocking stockicts sell them) as it is the roughness of ones hands which generally do the damage, (I sometimes sometimes dig ditches!) Carefully ruffle the stocking up until you're got it over your hand to your wrist with the seam straight; point your toe and easy the stocking up and over your foot and leg, checking all the time for straightness and secure to you suspenders. The seam alignment is paramount so check your suspenders after a bit. Your stockings are reasonable durable once on but do be careful of sharp edges etc. when out and about. Mind you a run can be quite attractive!

Always wear your stockings inside out! The seam is more prominent. You want your expensive fully fashioned elegant legs to be NOTICED!

Of course shave your legs and use lots of cream (I don't bother). Dark shades cover a multitude of sins. I have bad psoriasis which I cover with make up and noboby has commented. you can wear tights underneath it does make a difference, but there is a limit.

Anything goes today in the fashion world, including thank goodness style and good taste. Fully fashioned stockings are not only expensive but look it!

Do you have (excuse the expression) the balls to wear them?

Over to you!

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