Thursday, 5 November 2009

New suit

I'm currently planning a new suit. Tailored clothes seem to suit me best and I take a ridiculously long time agonizing and choosing the right fabric in consultation with my dressmaker. That's only the beginning then comes the decision over the style. All my clothes are without lapels, I find the lack of detail around my neck more flattering along with a low neckline. Style? Well, straight skirt is mandatory for me as is a fitted jacket but that is just the start, back kick slit or wrap over; double breasted or single; peplum or close fitting; length of jacket; number and position of buttons etc. I know, sounds a touch obessive but never being able to find anything remotely suitable in shops cuts me off from the normal proccess of trying on many garments to gain a sense of what is or isn't "me". An added complication is my new bum. I've made new hip pads larger than I had before and I need to consider this too. A trannie's life is SO difficult. (Hip pads, boobs, shoulder pads, false eyelashes and nails, wig, all protheses, 6 sets)!
Here is a pic of my last suit, what will the new one be like?
All the above can take sometimes a year to complete before the actual making can commence.

My dressmaker Loraine of Hide and Sleek, Kinghorn in Fife, is wonderful especially her immaculate tailoring skills and once we go ahead the suit can be quickly ready if it wasn't for my perfectionist changes to fit, length etc. I look forward to my new ensemble and wowing the natives!
Obsessively yours, Carolyn.


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  3. It is a lovely suit, Carolyn. The clean understated styling sans lapels, the gently flared hem of the jacket, the diagonal buttons, and the look and drape of the finely-woven fabric bespeak luxury and elegance.
    The long classic straight skirt establishes the line of the the suit in the 1950s period that you are expressing.
    The soft gray color, or is it more a subtle taupe with a hint of mauve?, adds another dimension of refinement. Your light blonde hair is also a perfect complement.
    This is an exceptional custom suit that a lovely lady who has a passion for traditional fashion design and the feminine graces that went with it, can wear and show off to its best.